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See file below for images with instructions.

While most of our ebooks can be accessed as PDFs online, EBSCO also allows for offline access using Adobe Digital Editions.  This would allow you to read the book offline and bookmark your pages.

To access an ebook online, click ‘PDF Full Text’ to open the ebook in your browser. 

To access an ebook offline:

  1. Make an account with EBSCO or sign in
  2. Download Adobe Digital Editions
  3. Save the ebook

1. Make an account with EBSCO:

Navigate to an EBSCO page.  You could do a search with Discovery on the Clark Home page to get here, or follow this link.

Find “SIGN IN” in the top right.  This will take you to the Log-in page.

If it is your first time, you will need to create an account.  You can do this with the link ‘Create a new Account’ on the Log-in screen.

To create a new account, fill out the form as requested.  You can use any email address and password you choose, but it is recommended that you use your Clark email and username. When finished, press “Save Changes.”

2. Download Adobe Digital Editions

A link appears when you download an e-book, or you could follow this link.  The link that appears when downloading the book is at the bottom of the pop-up.  

Using your own computer, navigate to the Adobe Digital Editions download page, either by the link in the pop-up or with this link:  

Choose the appropriate installer, if using a Mac or Windows computer:

Follow the instructions of the installer to finish downloading Adobe Editions. 

It may ask you to make an account with Adobe.  If so, keep in mind that only that account will be able to access the e-books while they are checked out.

3. Save the ebook.

The final step is to virtually check out the ebook.  This will allow you to download it.

Navigate to the book you would like to check out.  In Step One, you logged into EBSCO—make sure you are still signed in.

Next, press “Download This eBook” on the left sidebar.

Click “Checkout & Download” in the subsequent pop-up to virtually check the book out.

You should see a screen which reads “The eBook was checked out successfully,” and the book should begin downloading.**

If you followed the instructions in Step Two, you should have downloaded Adobe Digital Editions.  This will allow you to open the book file by clicking on it—Adobe Digital Editions will be the default program.

The file will be named “URLLink.ascm.”

When you click on it, it should open in Adobe Digital Editions.

You can now access it offline on your desktop.  It will remain there for as long as you have checked it out, usually about three weeks.  You may renew it following the steps below.

** IF the book does not immediately download, you can follow these steps to try again:

  1. Navigate to an EBSCO page.  You could do a search with Discovery on the Clark Home page to get here.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Navigate to “My Checkouts”
  4. Click “Download (Offline)” to download the book again.

If the book does not appear in “My Checkouts,” it was not properly checked out.  Find the book again, and click “download (offline)” on the initial item page.  See “3. Save the ebook” above.

If the book is in “My Checkouts” but still does not download, make sure your AdBlocker is not blocking pop-ups.  You may need to disable it on this page. You should also double-check your downloads folder to make sure it hasn’t saved.

See file below for instructions with images.

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